Nurture Your Needs

Download your free 12-page guide to discover 4 simple steps to Seasonal Self-Care.

You want to focus on yourself and your needs,
so you can give your best to your business, family and self.

Yet as much as you try, it’s hard to prioritize time and space for yourself - and stick to it!

You wonder how to stay motivated and consistently follow through with self-care.

You just want some simple, sustainable ideas to "fill yourself up". . .

Well, you CAN consistently nurture yourself and your own needs, alongside all the other things, without sacrificing business results or family well-being.

By noticing and responding to your unique emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs, not only do you thrive, but your business and loved ones do too!

Walking through the seasons of self-care is the simple, sustainable way.

Let’s discover your best next step in a free 20-minute session.

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Hi, I’m Nicole!

Imagine feeling happy and healthy with more motivation to pursue what matters most to you. That’s how my clients feel after just a few private sessions with me. As a certified Master Empowerment Coach for almost 5 years, I help women reconnect with their innate wisdom to nurture themselves from the inside out, with heart-centred, nature-inspired practices.

I’ve learned that prioritizing my whole self is the best way to successfully move through the seasons of life. By responding to my needs first, I set the cycle of wellness in motion for myself, and all the other areas of my life in turn. And this is especially true when I can nurture my needs with nature!

I live these foundations daily to honour and leverage the ebbs and flows of my “one wild and precious life”.

Now I adore helping womxn discover their innate wisdom and follow nature’s lead, to fully be themselves and do what matters to them - starting with self-care.

Clients tell me our work together creates lasting shifts for them.

Are you ready to take good care of you, too?


Each private session can be from your home or while walking outdoors, by Zoom, phone or in-person (Thunder Bay).​


Single Fresh Start Session - $95

1 x 60-minute session for a fresh perspective on your situation and a short-term plan to address your immediate needs.


1-Month Feel Good Package - $450

5 x 60-minute sessions to walk through your plan together and feel good about fulfilling your immediate needs.


3-Month VIP Package - $950

12 x 60-minute sessions to consistently fulfill your immediate needs and step into your longer-term strategy for all seasons.


Before you purchase a package, let’s have a quick chat to make sure we’re a good fit for working together.


Address: Thunder Bay, Ontario - Canada


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