Empowered Tips from an Iceberg

Posted by on July 7, 2017

Recently, my husband enjoyed a well-deserved getaway to the East Coast of Canada for the first time. Among many adventures, he had the incredible opportunity to see these awe-inspiring icebergs (and watch whales too)!

After reminding my kids about the massive size of these beauties (only 10% is visible above the water), I started thinking about all the ways an iceberg metaphor applies to living our dreams . . .

If success is the tip of the iceberg, your efforts to get there lie beneath.

What you have accomplished is only the tip of what’s possible for you.

Who you think you are is only a fraction of your whole magnificent self!

Can you think of others?

This also serves as a great metaphor for Empowerment Coaching. Sure, I know how to help clients set goals and achieve them – but that’s just the tip.  What really matters to me is helping them go after their truest and most aligned dreams, in a natural, straightforward and stress-free way that ensures sustainable results and enjoyment.

Personal empowerment is the whole iceberg and I want that for you!

Wherever you may be when it comes to reviving yourself and your dreams, I’d love to help. Email me with your questions and I’ll be glad to get back to you with my ideas!


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