Holiday Dreams Freebie for You!

Posted by on December 7, 2017

Last week I shared three of my favourite questions to help you get grounded in who you are before you make plans of any sort – including holiday plans.

With this inner knowing, you are then in the best place to make aligned choices and plans – and that’s where my new freebie comes in. Are you . . .

  • Looking to infuse your holiday traditions with some new activities that are more in alignment with your heart?
  • Ready to let go of some commitments that no longer serve you?
  • Anticipating a challenging or difficult holiday season and you’re just not up for your usual festivities?

Join my private Facebook Group here to access your free “Ignite Your Holiday Dreams” worksheets!

I’d love to hear your aligned holiday intentions!

p.s. Needing some extra support at this time of year? Connect with me for a free Clarity Call.

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