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Posted by on January 31, 2018

Are your heart’s desires calling to you . . . but you’re not sure where to start?

Are you committed to creating space for your dreams . . . but your inner resistance limits you?

Are you lit up and wholeheartedly pursuing your desires . . . but you’d welcome some support along the way?

What if you had the wisdom of a collection of revolutionary women who are experts in the business of helping others pursue and persevere through to their dreams?

Well you do, because I’ve created a beautiful new eBook that stands for you and your dreams!

“Your Brilliant Year: Take the Leap and Launch Your Dreams for a Freedom-Filled 2018!” is ready today! Download your copy here!

Give yourself the gift of downloading this eBook, so you can pursue and enjoy what matter most to you, for the fulfillment, fun and freedom that you truly desire.

Along with 21 empowering colleagues, I’ve shared my best perspectives and practices on: making the leap and taking action toward your dreams; and staying committed and persevering when facing inevitable obstacles along the way.

Some of the themes we uncover include how to . . .

  • Keep your vision clear and close to your heart;
  • Embrace your differences;
  • Beware of “busy” energy as a disguise for resistance;
  • Remember you are not your thoughts;
  • Find someone who’s not afraid to challenge you;
  • Put yourself out there and try new things;
  • Answer the call of your spirit;
  • Realize that the next opportunity is just around the corner;
  • Take action for clarity, confidence and momentum;
  • Give yourself permission to have “learning wins”;
  • Embody the energy of being in the state of achieving what you want;
  • Know your success is who you become – no matter what happens!

This eBook holds the kind of wisdom that you can put into practice right away, and that you’ll return to as a trusted resource for years to come.

The time to move from dreaming to doing is now.

The support and strategy to see your goals and intentions through to completion is at your finger tips.

Join women around the world who are making space for what they value most – including themselves and their dreams!

To your greatest dreams and beyond!

P.S. Who is the woman in your life whose dreams you want to stand for? Invite with her to claim her own eBook today, at, so that she can enjoy a brilliant year too!

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