Does this sound familiar?

You’re a remarkable woman, although you may not always feel that way.

You’ve achieved great things in life and helped others do the same. You’ve been there, tried that and had a little (or a lot) of fun along the way.

But with a long list of to-do’s, family commitments, work expectations, financial obligations, and emotional stressors, your own personal ambitions can seem so far away.

You are the last person you have time for.

All of the juggling has left you overwhelmed, worn-out and, worst of all, disconnected from yourself and your deepest desires. Bit by bit, you can feel yourself disappearing under the weight all the “shoulds” and “supposed-tos.” You almost don’t notice – until you do.

You wonder . . . How do I balance everything – my family, work, home, and personal life – and also go after my greatest hopes and dreams? How do I take care of everyone, including myself?

It doesn’t have to be so hard.

You can attend to all that matters most to you in life – especially yourself!  You don’t have to sacrifice your well-being for the success of everyone and everything else you care about. You can discover how to navigate stressful moments and life’s obligations with ease and grace.

You can revive yourself and your dreams – and have fun doing it.

How do I know? Because I’ve been there too.

Welcome! I’m Nicole.

I help women (like you!) revitalize themselves and clarify their dreams so they can create and enjoy true and lasting fulfillment.

My personal story began with me as the “good girl” with a long list of “shoulds” guiding my actions. One by one, I wanted to check them off. Go to school. Get a steady job. Build my career. Get married, have kids, settle down. Birthday parties and home improvements and promotions. Check, check, check.

But then what?

Meanwhile, by my mid 30’s, “adulthood burdens” began piling up – sinking me under the weight of it all. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and lost within my own life.

While I adored my family and enjoyed my job, I knew that something had to change for the well-being of myself and my loved ones. I started to listen to that voice within me, to follow that feeling inside of me that told me I had so much more in store.

Now here’s where it started to get good.

  • I stumbled across the idea of personal empowerment and hired my first coach.
  • I cleaned up all the stuff that was weighing me down and learned how to keep it from happening again. (And kept all the good stuff going too.)
  • I got reacquainted with myself – not me the mom, wife, employee, friend – but the real me, and started to dream big about my future.
  • I reprioritized self-care and honoured my own personal feelings, needs and desires.
  • I created small opportunities that were “just for me”, which brought me unexpected contentment and courage.
  • These led to bigger plans and wins including: enhancing my education, transitioning out of my career, taking 8 months off to regroup, starting a business I love, spending more quality time with my loved ones and having the freedom to live happily on my terms!
  • And I’m just getting started . . .

That’s what I want for you.

As a certified Master Empowerment Coach, I work with women who are ready to recommit to their emotional well-being, unearth their deepest passions and unleash their potential for more. In the process, my clients discover greater self-love, renewed purpose and fulfillment and their rightful place at the heart of their own lives – living on their own terms.

I know what it’s like to juggle everything, be pulled in all directions and feel like you might lose control, but there’s a way. I know what it’s like to feel overcome with fears, doubts and confusion, but to go for it anyway. I know what it’s like to have so many unfulfilled dreams and plans, but to persevere and succeed. 

And I know how to help you find yourself again.

And maybe even have a little fun too.

Are you ready?  Schedule a Free Clarity Session Today.

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