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Do you keep setting aside your wishes and dreams for “someday”, which never seems to arrive?

Are you ready for a change, but you’re scared to make the leap or you don’t know how?

Does life just feel, well, underwhelming and leaves you longing for something “more”?


Then check out the Dream Dare Do Academy, my brand new group coaching program. It’s the balanced way to nurture yourself and your dreams along with your loved ones and what matters most.

You’re a busy woman with a full life, juggling many plates. You value caring for your loved ones and honouring your commitments, but . . .

Maybe you’ve been noticing lately that it’s all too much. You feel like you’re always doing things for everyone else – but shouldn’t your needs count too? You’d love to take better care of yourself and find time for the things that really light you up, but you don’t have any time to think about these things never mind do them. In fact, maybe that’s your dream – to create more balance, harmony and ease in your life.

Perhaps you do have a little time for yourself and your dreams, yet it’s been so long that you’ve paid any attention to your own needs that you don’t even know what you want. Or it could be that you have so many ideas swirling around in your head, that you don’t know which goal to pursue, so you don’t even start.  Your dream is to get clarity on your passions and purpose and finally make some real progress.

Or maybe you know exactly what your next big dream is  – to get healthy, to change your job, to create something, to move, to travel – but going after it is so far out of your comfort zone that you’re scared to proceed, or you don’t know how to do it so you don’t. You know your specific dream and you’re ready to finally take action.

Overall, you have this persistent feeling that it’s time for something “more”. You just need some real help from an actual person who knows what’s what, so you can sort it out and actually achieve your dreams. You want support and strategy from a professional – and maybe even from a group of like-minded ladies going after the same thing – no more waiting for “someday”!

Just imagine what it would be like to have clarity around your next big dream; To have a step-by-step plan and accountability to make actual progress; To have the courage and confidence to feel fulfilled and free in your own life – whatever your dream.

How would it feel to finally access the elusive “self/life” balance, where you’re in control of your time and experiences? You have plenty of time to do everything you need to in a day, including prioritizing your own well-being and needs. You know how to stop doing the things that drain you and do more of what matters most to you. You know that this is how you were meant to live.

Picture yourself, enjoying some time and space to get to know yourself again, to learn who you are and what you want in this season of your life. You have fun trying new (and old) things along your journey to discovering what lights you up most. You find real clarity on the next big dream that speaks to your heart and even better, you have the courage to go for it!

Imagine how great it will be to finally take action on your next big dream. What if you find more fulfilling work that aligns with your interests, fits better with your personal life and allows you to make a real difference in the world? What if you finally commit to that amazing travel adventure that infuses your life with the fun and friendship that you’ve been missing? What if you make that move to a new neighbourhood or city, and discover that your new place is where you’re meant to be and you feel more at home than you’ve ever felt?

And the best part is that now you know how to make your dreams reality, you can repeat over and over again for a lifetime of living dreams.

You CAN live your dreams. You just need a little help. I’ve learned how to create my dreams, and have helped many clients do it too. Now I’m excited to show you how.

I’m Nicole, a nature-inspired women’s empowerment coach who helps women around the world bravely step outside their limits and into what matters most to them, to enjoy more emotional fulfillment and personal freedom.

I’m passionate about this work, because at one time I was also stressed and underwhelmed, struggling to prioritize myself and my desires, while unsuccessfully juggling it all – my family, friendships, household, career, finances, recreation and volunteer commitments.

Since learning how to master my emotions and mindset, manage my time and energy and take consistent action on a doable plan, I’ve . . .

  • Prioritized my wellness and worth;
  • Eliminated emotional and material clutter;
  • Trained for a new career as a Master Empowerment Coach;
  • Retired from my 16-year career;
  • Enjoyed time off to care for my family and home;
  • Started my own freedom-based business;
  • Moved to a dream house on a lake;
  • Travelled Canada for 5 months with my family;
  • Started writing my first book;
  • Spent more quality time with my loved ones with the freedom to live happily on my terms;
  • And I’m just getting started . . .

Are you ready to get started too? Let me help!

My brand new, super affordable Academy will help you find clarity on your next big dream, creativity to design your plan, courage to go for it, and confidence to take consistent action through to success! And all of this is possible in only 5 months.  What dream would you love to realize by May?

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Introducing the Dream Dare Do Academy . . .

My new Academy is a perfect blend of personal coaching, how-to training and tips and small group accountability and support so that you’ll make real progress in your own life. Imagine if by May, 2019 you could . . .

  • Know your new career path, have your resume out there and be interviewing – or maybe even hired;
  • Revive your love of painting and have your passion seen and heard for others to enjoy;
  • Plan your itinerary for your long awaited vacation, with savings set aside and tickets booked;
  • Serve your favourite charity the way you’ve always wanted to and be making a difference for those in need;
  • Revive your health regime, and especially have the space, time and energy to support your well-being;
  • Or limitless other possibilities – the choice is yours.


Beginning November 23rd over 5 months, you’ll receive:

  • Weekly Recorded Group Video Calls for empowerment coaching and Q&A
  • Weekly Training Modules for a step-by-step strategy to guide you to: Dream, Decide, Design, Act, Adjust and Achieve your dreams
  • Private Facebook Group for connection among members and easy access to all materials
  • “Quick Win” Tips to help you flourish in the rest of your life
  • “Real Me” Prompts to help you reflect on who you are now and what you really want
  • Email Access to me during my business hours


Enrolment in the Dream Dare Do Academy is just $99 CAD per month (or $495 CAD in total)! This is a special introductory price reserved for inaugural members only. The price will significantly increase when I offer it next year, so get in quick to secure your low rate. The cart will be closing November 16th so don’t delay.

Meanwhile, as extra incentive for you to take the leap and join the Academy, I’ll gift you these fun bonuses for enrolling:

  • Bonus #1: One 60-minute 1:1 private coaching call with me to be used at any time during the 5 months of the Academy
  • Bonus #2: My collaborative PDF downloadable eBook, “Your Brilliant Year”, full of wisdom from 21 wholehearted freedom-loving experts on taking the leap and launching your dreams

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I understand if  you have a few more questions that you need answers to before enrolling today. If I were you, I might be wondering . . .

Is now the right time, since I’m so busy and the holidays are approaching?  I’ve designed the Academy with a busy woman in mind. During the first month and through the holidays, we’ll start with the easier reflective work. I’ll also share my best tips and tools to manage your time, energy and stress. The modules and suggested activities will integrate smoothly with your life and ensure you make consistent progress, even if all you can manage are tiny weekly steps. And the best part is that you will prove to yourself that you CAN prioritize yourself and your dreams, even at the busiest times of the year.

Can I afford this right now?  In my own experience, I know that when something truly matters to me, I can always seem to find the money. So maybe the real question is to ask yourself is “do I value this opportunity, and the results I’ll experience in just 5 months, enough to spend the money”? Only you know the answer. Remember that this is the most affordable way to work with me and it’s offered at the lowest price it will ever be.

Will my partner be supportive of this decision?  My husband is my greatest ally and life partner, so I love sharing my intentions with him. He always offers great insight, whether or not he agrees with my plans. I value his feedback and ultimately trust myself to make the final decision about what’s right for me.

What if I’ve never done anything like this before?  The first time I signed up with a coach, I was scared, had never invested in myself in that way, and didn’t know anyone who had. I just trusted my gut feeling and knew it was the right thing to do. It turns out, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

Am I brave enough to . . . get started, take action or even succeed?  Cultivating courage is my speciality, my passion and at least half of the equation when it comes to achieving sustainable success. That’s why my approach balances inner empowerment work with outer actionable strategy. No matter what your fears, I’ll help you uncover them, feel through them and even leverage them to reach your desires.

What dream do I want to pursue?  As long as you know you’re ready to make a change in your life, the Academy will help you gain clarity, guiding you from exploring your options to deciding which one to pursue. Keep in mind that what I call a dream may be what you call a want, wish, goal, project or desire that you’re ready to make a reality. Or maybe your dream is to get yourself ready-to-be-ready to go after a big dream. The Academy will help with all of these possibilities.

How can you help all the members if we all have different dreams?  It’s true I’m not an expert in everything, however the Master Coach training I’ve received allows me to powerfully support your personal empowerment in all areas of life. The strategy I share is a general plan that works for making any change in life. I’ve also personally experienced many opportunities and challenges from which to draw on. I’ll support you in researching and reaching out to experts in your specific area of interest as you develop your specific plan. Also, the other women enrolled in the Academy may be excellent resources too!

Remind me, why do I need this in my life?  I know you’re ready to . . .

  • Finally get around to doing that thing you keep putting off for “someday”;
  • Create something meaningful and “more” for yourself in your life;
  • Do it in a way that let’s you keep your loved ones as your priority;
  • Help you prioritize your health and well-being;
  • Build your courage to move ahead with your desires and beyond;
  • Be held accountable for real progress on your goals, no matter what’s going on in life;
  • And uncover another layer of your purpose and how you can contribute to the world in a meaningful way.


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I look forward to hearing all of the amazing results you’ll achieve as an inaugural member of the Academy. Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with some parting thoughts from a private client of mine who I recently worked with for over a year, as she renewed her contract twice with me. She shares . . .

I am so grateful for the nurturing support and guidance Nicole has given me on this journey. She has gone above and beyond with her flexibility and generosity. I have been introduced to so many amazing tools, resources and practices to remind myself of who I truly am, what I have achieved and my potential. I am going to miss her terribly. I feel like she is a friend. A nature goddess who gives 100% to her purpose of helping others. Thank you.

Sign up now to join  the Dream Dare Do Academy for just $99 a month!

Get in quick before the price goes up!

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If you have any further questions, please email Nicole at nemoorey (at)

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