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Posted by on February 16, 2018

I don’t know about you, but my February has been a whirlwind and I’m so looking forward to this weekend, and the Family Day holiday on Monday, to rest, refresh and regroup. And this has reminded me of a favourite self-care practice that I thought you’d like to try for yourself.

As much as I think it’s essential to have dreams and desires to strive for, I think it’s equally important to enjoy those things that you want most tomorrow, as part of your daily life today. 

Rather than wait until “some day”, how can you experience what you really want in life – now?

So to give yourself exactly what you need for a little self-care this weekend, follow these 3 simple steps to enjoy your desires today . . .

1) Think about what you wish to experience in the future – your hopes, dreams and desires. Or keep it simple, and think about what you want to experience or feel this weekend. “I want . . . “

2) Consider where you already have that experience or feeling in your life, or where you have enjoyed it in the past. “I already have this experience when I . . .”

3) Find ways to enhance these experiences in your life today. Start enjoying more of these things now. “I will . . .”

Bonus tip: You don’t even have to have this all planned out. By simply knowing your desired experience or feeling, you can make choices moment to moment about whether an action will allow you to experience your desire or not.

It’s a simple practice, and it works. It’s a great way to focus on what you want, and to take a little break from working through what you don’t want. It reminds you of what’s working for you in your life and all that you have to be grateful for. It makes your dreams seem that much more attainable and you may realized you’re much closer to reaching your goals that you realized. You may even notice that what you want seems to be “magically” appearing before your eyes, as if by serendipity.

So for example, this weekend I want to have lots of fun! I feel like I need a change of scenery and to focus on my family and non-work related activities. I already have fun when I’m playing with my kids, enjoying a movie night, hanging out with friends and am active outside. Therefore, I will get out with and host some friends, reconnect with my husband, splurge on a few days of skiing, visit with my in-laws and unwind and regroup for the week ahead. And you can bet I’ll be open to random opportunities for fun! (Like watching the bald eagle that’s sitting on the ice out front of my house right now – not kidding, I just looked up and saw it – and then checking out “eagle symbolism”, which I like to do for fun.)

Whatever your mood or desires may be, you’ll discover this practice is a great way to tap into the kind of self-care that you need most. So if you crave quiet, how can you experience more of that? Maybe you want to be productive, so how can you amp up your productive energy? Or maybe you want more love in your life, so you’ll tune into the love you already experience and be open to even more. That’s what I was doing on Valentine’s Day, and a few of the things I found are in the photos below.

If you’d love to connect with me about experiencing even more of what you want in your life, just request a free Clarity Call with me.

So, what do you want to feel this weekend, when have you experienced this in the past, and how will you enjoy it today?

Have fun!

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Posted by on November 3, 2017

There are about 2 months left in 2017.

Around 8 weeks. Nearly 60 days.

What goals or plans do you have left to finish up (or start) this year?

It’s not too late. 

Two months doesn’t seem like a very long time, especially as we enter into the busy holiday season. Even I could almost be convinced to write off any remaining plans for the year, and instead start fresh in the new year.

Almost, but not quite. . .

I know what I can do in 2 months. When I sat down to write the draft of this email to you, I was reminded. It all came flowing out of my pen and onto paper where I can’t deny it. Maybe you could try this too to remind yourself of where you’ve been.

There is so much of life to EXPERIENCE in 2 months!

In the two months since my family and I moved from our old home to our new one, together with my husband I’ve:

  • Moved us and our personal belongings into our new home;
  • Settled back into the school routine and embraced the flow of country living;
  • Sorted through every container and corner of our house and donated, sold, trashed or boxed up our belongings for storage;
  • Finished so many unfinished to-dos in our former house – painted, caulked, replaced, scrubbed and fixed (why do we wait ’til we’re moving to do this?!);
  • Coordinated extra-curricular activities – after school sports, piano, play dates, nature time, Halloween and special events;
  • Connected with loved ones and hosted dinners, sleepovers, birthdays, Thanksgivings, beach parties and walks on the beach;
  • Enjoyed family time, just the 4 of us – swam in the giant waves, fished in the river, hiked through the trails, biked along the roads, built a fort in the bush and basked by the bonfire;
  • Maintained my business (admittedly at a relaxed pace);
  • Squeezed in some solo self-care time (the reason all of this happened);
  • And kept up with all the regular stuff too – cleaned, cooked, maintained, parented and so on;
  • Learned so much about myself, my family and our lives in the process;
  • And have experienced more moments of wonder and awe in just two months than I have in years – the daily changing beauty of Lake Superior; the wild animals who are my neighbours;  the starry, moonlit and meteorite-filled sky; the sublime change of seasons from summer to fall and toward winter . . .

Could I have done this alone? No, but I could have done at least half and that still would have been impressive.

Am I tired? Yes, very and ready for the next phase (we’re not meant to “produce” all the time).

Am I happy? YES! I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

I don’t share this to boast. I want to exemplify what we as women so often fail to do. We usually skip the pause, the reflection, the celebration. Instead, we rush ahead with our next steps and focus only on our never-ending to-do lists. Let’s stop doing that.  Let’s just stop – and breathe.

I don’t share this to brag. Like many of you, I struggle with “visibility” and am overcoming my life-long tendency to keep myself small, play it safe and avoid putting myself out there. But that’s such a waste. Let’s just be ourselves. 

Instead, I share it to show you how long 2 months really are and how much can be experienced  – when you’re on the right path for you – when you’re motivated by your heart’s truest desires – when you’re living each day in the way that makes you feel fulfilled and free. 

This is what I want for you!

As we look to November and December, think of all you want to be, do and have. Think of all that could be.

What would you most like to accomplish or experience this year so that you’re on your way to living your own version of fulfillment, fun and freedom?

Not sure what you want or how to proceed? Book a free Clarity call with me to get clear on where you’re at, your next steps, and how I can support you in making them happen.

2 months. 8 weeks. 60 days.

That’s plenty of time for you to make some magic happen!

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Posted by on June 23, 2017

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy . . . “

Happy Summer!

The energy is palpable today in my home as it’s the last day of school for my kids and the “official” start of summer for our family.

Life is great today.

There’s no question that summer is my favourite season. There’s nothing like the freedom, fun and fulfillment that comes with these long, light days. This is how I would love to feel all the time, although I know that’s not realistic (nor would it be healthy). There’s an ebb and flow to life, a changing of seasons, but today I’m celebrating summer.

To everything, there is a (symbolic) season. If fall is about change, winter for turning within and spring for new beginnings, then summer is the season of abundance when your feelings of love, joy and peace match your external reality.

Even if you’re in the southern hemisphere and embracing the beginning of winter, you can infuse the lessons and energy of summer into every day of your life.


Try these Top 10 Ways to Sizzle like Summer:

SHINE – Be visible! Get out there and socialize, communicate, collaborate and share your amazing self with the world.

SIMPLIFY – You’ve done so much work through the seasons, so now focus on what’s working best and drop the rest.

GROW – As your efforts come to fruition, you can still learn new things and enhance as you go.

RELAX – With things coming together as you sustain your success, ease your efforts and breathe easy.

HARVEST – Abundance is yours. Reap your rewards as they ripen.

SHARE – Abundance overflows. Share who you are, what you do and what you have with others.

SAVOUR – Enjoy the moment. Practice gratitude. Have fun!

SIZZLE – Embody your sexy, sensual, hot self.

ANTICIPATE – Mind changes ahead, as a new season is inevitable.

CELEBRATE – In small and grand ways, there’s so much for you to acknowledge and celebrate. Start by celebrating yourself!

And what if you don’t feel this vibrant and visible? Remember that this is a metaphor, so you may not be in this season of life (even if it is actually summer). The number one rule is to . . . honour the season that your body tells you that you are in.

And how do you adjust this symbolism to your own time frame?  I’m sure you can relate to having experienced “summer” for a year or more of your life, for a week of your month, for a portion of your day or for a singular moment. Practice applying the 10 sizzling suggestions to any time of your life.

For great references on how to do this, learn from other powerful cyclical symbols in nature. So, to learn how to incorporate “summer” into every month, look to moon and menstrual wisdom (the full moon and ovulation would be the phases symbolic of summer). Or to learn about adding “summer” to each day, consider sun wisdom and divide your day into 4 phases to discover which part of your day is best for you to practice “summer” activities (maybe it’s high noon to 6 pm, for example). The First Nations’ Medicine Wheel has countless other applications to learn about and leverage the powerful ways that all things are connected in the circle of life.

Now it’s your turn to give this a try. Which season are you in with respect to taking care of yourself and enjoying what matters most? When and how can you shine, sizzle or savour? Pick your favourite idea from the list and try it today!

To Sunny Days and Sultry Nights!


P.S. I unexpectedly find myself writing this to you beside my garden, with Ella Fitzgerald crooning in the wind. Join in the fun here!

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