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Posted by on July 7, 2017

Recently, my husband enjoyed a well-deserved getaway to the East Coast of Canada for the first time. Among many adventures, he had the incredible opportunity to see these awe-inspiring icebergs (and watch whales too)!

After reminding my kids about the massive size of these beauties (only 10% is visible above the water), I started thinking about all the ways an iceberg metaphor applies to living our dreams . . .

If success is the tip of the iceberg, your efforts to get there lie beneath.

What you have accomplished is only the tip of what’s possible for you.

Who you think you are is only a fraction of your whole magnificent self!

Can you think of others?

This also serves as a great metaphor for Empowerment Coaching. Sure, I know how to help clients set goals and achieve them – but that’s just the tip.  What really matters to me is helping them go after their truest and most aligned dreams, in a natural, straightforward and stress-free way that ensures sustainable results and enjoyment.

Personal empowerment is the whole iceberg and I want that for you!

Wherever you may be when it comes to reviving yourself and your dreams, I’d love to help. Email me with your questions and I’ll be glad to get back to you with my ideas!


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Posted by on June 17, 2017

I’m writing to you today from beautiful Vancouver Island. It’s the perfect place to finish this 3 part email series on balancing emotional, mental, physical and spiritual elements as there’s nothing like vacation time, a retreat from the everyday and lots of time outdoors to bring wholeness to ALL your inner elements!

So far, I’ve shared about the elements as metaphors to understand the parts of yourself and know which parts of yourself you lead with and which need balance. To finish off today, I have 40 ideas for you to choose from to rebalance yourself for optimal wellness.

If you discovered that your heart, mind, body or spirit could use some loving attention, try any of the ideas below.


To allow your emotions to flow freely, if they are overflowing or dried up, balancing Water activities include . . .

  • Listen to your favourite music, play music or attend a concert.
  • Notice how your sensory experiences affect your emotions.
  • Move your body in expressive, sensual or sensitive ways or dance.
  • Learn the “secret” language of your emotions and apply their wisdom.
  • Create arts or crafts to process and better understand your emotions.
  • Write, read poetry or journal to express your emotional experiences.
  • Try flowing spiritual movements like tai chi, yoga or qigong.
  • Spend time outdoors near water to enjoy the flow or take a salt bath.
  • Enjoy positive social interactions at parties, sports events or on dates.
  • Use your emotions to feel into the other 3 elements.


For a breath of metal or intellectual fresh air, if your thoughts are blustering or starkly still . . .

  • Play games requiring mind focus, like Scrabble, sudoku or crosswords.
  • Read about and research things that interest you.
  • Make plans and bring logic to your activities and processes.
  • Do an in-depth study on artistic expression, relationships, cultures, human development, religion or spiritual practices.
  • Turn off the news or social media and allow your own thoughts to unfold.
  • Learn the source of your thoughts and beliefs and update as needed.
  • Try something new to flex your mental muscles.
  • Breathe in wide open spaces or practice breathwork anywhere.
  • Discuss topics of interest to you with friends, family and acquaintances.
  • Use your mind to sharpen the other 3 elements.


For grounding yourself or your environment, if they are overworked or ignored try . . .

  • Do nothing. Allow yourself rest time and enough hours of sleep.
  • Nourish yourself with healthy, energy providing foods and drinks.
  • Design a plan or regime to enhance your physical wellness.
  • Enjoy tactile art forms like pottery, sewing or carpentry.
  • Try emotive dance like salsa or samba, or spiritual movement like forest bathing or mindful walking.
  • Prevent and manage physical health conditions or illnesses.
  • Enjoy a massage, adjustment, sauna or steam bath.
  • Practice grounding by walking barefoot outside or lying on the earth.
  • Play, fool around and have fun with others and the world.
  • Use your body to strengthen the other 3 elements.


To keep your spirit or vision burning, if it’s blazing out of control or fizzling out, consider . . .

  • Make time and space for your dreams and visions.
  • Understand your intuition as a gift and learn to trust it.
  • Study spiritual or religious texts or great dreamers or visionaries.
  • See the big-picture of your emotional process, within your world, culture, family and yourself.
  • Engage in passionate endeavours.
  • Dance or drum to summon your inner inferno.
  • Pray, meditate, worship or set intentions.
  • Enjoy a sunrise, sunset, bonfire or candle light.
  • Spend time with animals, children or elders.
  • Use your spirituality to spark the other 3 elements.

So which of these 40 ideas called to you the most? Do that today! Then try any of the others as needed.

I’ll do the same!


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Posted by on June 8, 2017

“It’s not about being perfect. It’s about becoming whole.”  Karla McLaren


Do you lead with your Water, Air, Earth or Fire element?

Last week, I shared these powerful natural elements to help you understand where you’re personally flourishing or floundering when it comes to yourself and your desires.

Which did you find is your strongest or your most comfortable part of self? Do you naturally approach life with Water and emotional agility, Air and mental stability, Earth and physical harmony or Fire and spiritual awareness?

Today we’ll figure out which part of yourself could use some T.L.C. for a more balanced experience of life. My inspiration and tips for embracing all of our elements come from Karla McLaren’s book, “The Language of Emotions.” I love her straightforward approach and suggestions on how to practically apply this metaphor in your life.

So, which element would you like to nurture today? If it’s not immediately clear, notice which of the following 4 jumps out at you:

☐ Your Water element, if . . .

  • Your emotions or feelings are overflowing or dried up;
  • Things don’t seem to flow or connect for you;
  • You don’t know how you feel or can’t fully feel an area of your life.

☐ Your Air element, if . . .

  • Your mind or intellect is blustering or starkly still;
  • Things aren’t making sense or you can’t figure things out;
  • You’re not using your best judgement.

☐ Your Earth element, if . . .

  • Your body or environment is overworked or ignored;
  • You can’t get things done;
  • You wish for things that you can’t seem to make happen.

☐ Your Fire element, if . . .

  • Your spirit or vision is blazing or fizzling out;
  • You can’t trust in your intuition or the unknown;
  • You can’t see the big-picture or dream of new possibilities.

Which of those 4 elements call to you the most?

That’s the one I want you to nurture today! Choose one thing that you will do today to start to shift your unbalanced element back into alignment.

Stuck on an idea? Here are some basic tips on how to treat yourself.  To enhance Water, try creative, emotive or interpersonal expression. To encourage Air, focus on study, ideas, reading, writing or planning. To embrace Earth, move your body or enjoy your sensory experiences. To ignite your Fire, enjoy spiritual or religious practices, ponder your own beliefs or dream freely!

Now go out there and enjoy the elements!


P.S. I’m encouraging Air in myself today by mowing the lawn (which I actually love doing) and enjoying the sensory experiences of a sunny day!

P.P.S. See what ideas you can come up with on your own. Next week, I’ll share a handy go-to list full of practical ideas that you can use for every combination of the elements.

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