How to Treat Yourself Today [Part 2 of 3]

“It’s not about being perfect. It’s about becoming whole.”  Karla McLaren


Do you lead with your Water, Air, Earth or Fire element?

Last week, I shared these powerful natural elements to help you understand where you’re personally flourishing or floundering when it comes to yourself and your desires.

Which did you find is your strongest or your most comfortable part of self? Do you naturally approach life with Water and emotional agility, Air and mental stability, Earth and physical harmony or Fire and spiritual awareness?

Today we’ll figure out which part of yourself could use some T.L.C. for a more balanced experience of life. My inspiration and tips for embracing all of our elements come from Karla McLaren’s book, “The Language of Emotions.” I love her straightforward approach and suggestions on how to practically apply this metaphor in your life.

So, which element would you like to nurture today? If it’s not immediately clear, notice which of the following 4 jumps out at you:

☐ Your Water element, if . . .

  • Your emotions or feelings are overflowing or dried up;
  • Things don’t seem to flow or connect for you;
  • You don’t know how you feel or can’t fully feel an area of your life.

☐ Your Air element, if . . .

  • Your mind or intellect is blustering or starkly still;
  • Things aren’t making sense or you can’t figure things out;
  • You’re not using your best judgement.

☐ Your Earth element, if . . .

  • Your body or environment is overworked or ignored;
  • You can’t get things done;
  • You wish for things that you can’t seem to make happen.

☐ Your Fire element, if . . .

  • Your spirit or vision is blazing or fizzling out;
  • You can’t trust in your intuition or the unknown;
  • You can’t see the big-picture or dream of new possibilities.

Which of those 4 elements call to you the most?

That’s the one I want you to nurture today! Choose one thing that you will do today to start to shift your unbalanced element back into alignment.

Stuck on an idea? Here are some basic tips on how to treat yourself.  To enhance Water, try creative, emotive or interpersonal expression. To encourage Air, focus on study, ideas, reading, writing or planning. To embrace Earth, move your body or enjoy your sensory experiences. To ignite your Fire, enjoy spiritual or religious practices, ponder your own beliefs or dream freely!

Now go out there and enjoy the elements!


P.S. I’m encouraging Air in myself today by mowing the lawn (which I actually love doing) and enjoying the sensory experiences of a sunny day!

P.P.S. See what ideas you can come up with on your own. Next week, I’ll share a handy go-to list full of practical ideas that you can use for every combination of the elements.