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Posted by on January 19, 2018

“It’s so much fun to dream!” Penny Norkett

Ready to end the week on a FUN note?

Do you prefer a big-picture vision over detailed plans? Are you a hands-on or creative type? Do you like to leave a little room for magic in your plans?

If yes, then you’ll love this talk with my friend and colleague Penny Norkett. She’s inspiring all of us with her 3 fun and effective activities that you can try this weekend to realize your dreams  – faster and with more fun!


To connect with Penny Norkett, Visibility and Empowerment Coach, visit her . . .

Now get out there and have some fun claiming your intentions this weekend!

P.S. Want help getting clear on your intentions? Book a Clarity Call or email me so that I can help you get clear on your next steps. I can’t wait to hear more about your dreams!

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Posted by on December 28, 2017

You’re on my heart these days as I take some quiet, reflective space for myself to review the past year and all that has shaped it.

I’m SO grateful for you and your role as a supportive member of my community. Your openness to receiving my perspectives and practices on personal empowerment for your revival, dreams, adventure and freedom has played a huge role in moving my dreams forward . . . and now I’m excited to help you do the same with yours!


Are you a woman who is ready to make your unlived dreams happen in 2018? Or maybe there’s a lady in your life who wants to live the life she’s imagined starting today?

Then SIGN UP here or SHARE this link: (replay links are available in my private Facebook group)

I’ve been working behind the scenes to create this gift for you, interviewing 5 amazing coaches who present the best of their experiences and insights on turning your dream into a plan and taking the leap into action! 

The Spark to Sparkle sessions offer 5 videos over 5 days, featuring 5 different perspectives to help you shift from dreaming to doing for a fulfilling, fun and freedom-filled 2018!

Claim this gift to . . .

  • Follow your heart to the experiences that matter most to you this year;
  • Be inspired by intimate “spark to sparkle” stories from women just like you (including me!) who have followed a spark of an idea through to a successful outcome;
  • Learn 5 different strategies to turn your dreams into actionable plans, for short-term wins and long-term momentum;
  • Overcome your obstacles and limiting beliefs to take the leap over fear and on to results; and
  • Access new resources and supports to dream big, sparkle more and shine bright in 2018!

I believe in you and your dreams, so let’s go after them starting January 1st!

Happy New Year!

P.S. You are welcome to share this gift with like-minded women. Simply direct them to this post!

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Posted by on December 22, 2017

“It’s winter, the time of year when nature whispers.”  

Scott Fitzgerald

I hope you enjoyed a happy solstice yesterday – winter solstice for you northerners and summer solstice for you southerners! Did you acknowledge it in any special way?

I love learning about and trying others’ rituals and celebrations to be more present in my life, while also honouring the past and future.

My family and I had fun welcoming the winter with our ski community at a Solstice party. I also took some solo time outside in the snowy darkness to come back to myself after a busy day, reflect on my action packed autumn and imagine the winter to come.

“From the dark, to the light” is the message I heard as I listened to the snow fall, the squeaks and crunches of the Lake Superior ice, and to my inner self.

As a Canadian, I tend to think of winter as the dark season, because it can feel so dark, cold and long. But this little reminder message highlights that in fact, day by day, the light is returning. And this is exactly how I view “symbolic” winter.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I’m an outdoor lover who often looks to nature for guidance. To everything, there is a (symbolic) season. If spring is the season for new beginnings, summer for abundance, autumn for change – then winter is the season for going within to illuminate the way forward.

For me, winter is the second phase of the symbolic cycle of seasons (with autumn as the entry point). The inner work amps up during this phase of “dreaming and planning” before the “leaping into action” of spring.

Even if you are in the Southern Hemisphere and celebrating the start of summer, you can infuse the lessons and energy of winter into every day of your life!

Try these Top 10 Ways to Illuminate through Winter:

  1. LISTEN– In the silence of winter, the inner work continues. Notice what is calling to you and also hear what your heart has to say. Follow your intuition.
  2. ILLUMINATE – Shine light on your fears and desires, your obstacles and solutions, your limits and strengths. The more you find, the more you’ll flow.
  3. WONDER – Be curious and creative about all of the possibilities available to you. Wonder about the options for your life and experience moments of everyday wonder.
  4. DREAM – Open up to all of your hopes, wishes, ideas, goals, wants and desires. Dream deeply, widely, wildly and freely. Record your ideas.
  5. LEARN – What can you learn about your favourite desires? Read, watch, study, talk with others or try them out to discover as much as you can.
  6. INTEND – Turn your “I wish” into your “I will” by claiming your deepest desires and moving forward with the intention of pursuing them.
  7. BELIEVE – Trust that you have everything you need (or the ability to figure it out) to follow and fulfill your heart’s desires.
  8. RECEIVE – Embrace support from others, especially those who believe in you and your vision or have expertise to guide you – and especially in this vulnerable season of contemplating new adventures.
  9. PLAN – This is officially the planning phase, to strategize about how you’ll move from dreaming to doing. In doing so, you’re also planning for the inevitable change of seasons.
  10. ALIGN – Move through this season grounded in knowing who you truly are. Align your plans and actions according to True You, and you’ll be on your way to enjoy more of what matters most to you!

And what if you’re not feeling this winter energy? Remember that this is a metaphor, so you may not be in this season of life (even if it is actually winter). The number one rule is to . . . honour the season that your body tells you that you are in. Remember, it’s likely that you’re in different seasons in your life overall and in each of the different areas of your life such as family, finances, work, health, etc.

And how do you adjust this symbolism to your own time frame?  Perhaps you can relate to having experienced “winter” for a year or more of your life, for a week of your month, for a portion of your day or for a singular moment. Practice applying the 10 suggestions to any time of your life.

For great references on how to do this, learn from other powerful cyclical symbols in nature. So, to learn how to incorporate “winter” into every month, look to moon and menstrual wisdom (the new moon and the menstrual phase would be the phases symbolic of winter). Or to learn about adding “winter” to each day, consider sun wisdom and divide your day into 4 phases to discover which part of your day is best for you to practice “winter” activities (it’s likely midnight to 6:00am, for example, but when else would you benefit from some introspective time in your day?). The First Nations’ Medicine Wheel has countless other applications to learn about and leverage the powerful ways that all things are connected in the circle of life.

So, which season are you in with respect to taking care of yourself and enjoying what matters most? When and how can you dream, decide and design? Pick your favourite idea from the list and try it today!

To your winter wonder and wisdom!

P.S. Are you stuck in a season of your life? Reach out to me and I’d love to help you!

P.P.S. I celebrate Christmas, so want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for you and to wish you a very happy Christmas.  May you “let your heart be light . . . ” 🙂

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