Top 10 Ways to Sizzle Like Summer!

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy . . . “

Happy Summer!

The energy is palpable today in my home as it’s the last day of school for my kids and the “official” start of summer for our family.

Life is great today.

There’s no question that summer is my favourite season. There’s nothing like the freedom, fun and fulfillment that comes with these long, light days. This is how I would love to feel all the time, although I know that’s not realistic (nor would it be healthy). There’s an ebb and flow to life, a changing of seasons, but today I’m celebrating summer.

To everything, there is a (symbolic) season. If fall is about change, winter for turning within and spring for new beginnings, then summer is the season of abundance when your feelings of love, joy and peace match your external reality.

Even if you’re in the southern hemisphere and embracing the beginning of winter, you can infuse the lessons and energy of summer into every day of your life.


Try these Top 10 Ways to Sizzle like Summer:

SHINE – Be visible! Get out there and socialize, communicate, collaborate and share your amazing self with the world.

SIMPLIFY – You’ve done so much work through the seasons, so now focus on what’s working best and drop the rest.

GROW – As your efforts come to fruition, you can still learn new things and enhance as you go.

RELAX – With things coming together as you sustain your success, ease your efforts and breathe easy.

HARVEST – Abundance is yours. Reap your rewards as they ripen.

SHARE – Abundance overflows. Share who you are, what you do and what you have with others.

SAVOUR – Enjoy the moment. Practice gratitude. Have fun!

SIZZLE – Embody your sexy, sensual, hot self.

ANTICIPATE – Mind changes ahead, as a new season is inevitable.

CELEBRATE – In small and grand ways, there’s so much for you to acknowledge and celebrate. Start by celebrating yourself!

And what if you don’t feel this vibrant and visible? Remember that this is a metaphor, so you may not be in this season of life (even if it is actually summer). The number one rule is to . . . honour the season that your body tells you that you are in.

And how do you adjust this symbolism to your own time frame?  I’m sure you can relate to having experienced “summer” for a year or more of your life, for a week of your month, for a portion of your day or for a singular moment. Practice applying the 10 sizzling suggestions to any time of your life.

For great references on how to do this, learn from other powerful cyclical symbols in nature. So, to learn how to incorporate “summer” into every month, look to moon and menstrual wisdom (the full moon and ovulation would be the phases symbolic of summer). Or to learn about adding “summer” to each day, consider sun wisdom and divide your day into 4 phases to discover which part of your day is best for you to practice “summer” activities (maybe it’s high noon to 6 pm, for example). The First Nations’ Medicine Wheel has countless other applications to learn about and leverage the powerful ways that all things are connected in the circle of life.

Now it’s your turn to give this a try. Which season are you in with respect to taking care of yourself and enjoying what matters most? When and how can you shine, sizzle or savour? Pick your favourite idea from the list and try it today!

To Sunny Days and Sultry Nights!


P.S. I unexpectedly find myself writing this to you beside my garden, with Ella Fitzgerald crooning in the wind. Join in the fun here!