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How are you feeling in your relationships? 

I’ve been thinking about you a lot these days, and about the personal relationships in your life.

Are your thoughts and emotions about an unresolved conflict with a friend or family member consuming you?

If so, you could keep going in circles, hoping the other person will change, and remain stuck in the same old patterns . . . 

Or you could shift into a higher perspective by honouring your thoughts and feelings – for a satisfying new resolution.

I’m here to help.

My current VIP Essentials package will help you shift your response to your personal relationship conflict, while nurturing your thoughts and emotions. 

Together on 3 x 1-hour Zoom calls, we will truthfully and concisely: 

    • Get a higher perspective on your current reality and desired outcome, so that you have a self-sourced and trustworthy path forward.
    • Follow a step-by-step process to shift your relationship patterns AND honour your thoughts and feelings, so that you’re taking care of yourself first (before ever – if at all – involving the other person).
    • Develop a flexible and compassionate plan for you and your side of the relationship, that you can confidently put into action.
    • Prepare to handle inevitable future obstacles, which will help you more smoothly implement your plan.

For only $99 CAD for the first 5 clients, and in as few as 2 weeks, you’ll restore your peace of mind, energy and focus and be clear on your part in the relationship’s dynamics – on your way to a relationship resolution.


After your purchase, you will be invited to book your first session with me. I will also email you to let you know what to expect, including how we will connect. This is a VIP offer, so we will customize our work together to suit your personal needs and preferences.

If you are new to my community and work, I understand if you would like to speak with me in person before you decide to enroll. I am happy to arrange a brief call so we can ‘meet’ each other, discuss your questions and see if we’re a good match.

Simply reach out to me at nemoorey (at) . I would love to connect!

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