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Introductory 1:1 Coaching Intensive


Are you a woman who is overwhelmed by your feelings or emotional situations that are interfering with other areas of your life and business?

Do you crave more “balance” when it comes to your emotions, energy, everyone – or everything?

Are you ready to tend to your own needs, face your resistance or better understand your relationships?

Then you’ll want to claim this Introductory Coaching offer for immediate, customized, private support and to experience the rewards of coaching!


This Is Your Chance To . . .

  • Get CLARITY on the issue that brought you to coaching, the obstacles you face and the outcome you want instead;
  • Be COACHED by a neutral ally who has walked the walk, for validation, reflection, feedback and accountability;
  • CONNECT with your truest self to access your own wisdom and align your life with what matters most to you;
  • CREATE space and solutions for your most pressing and longer-term needs; and
  • Have CONFIDENCE in yourself, your choices and your best way forward.

This Offer Includes . . .

  • 1:1 COACHING INTENSIVE SUPPORT – your choice of (2) 1-hour sessions or (1) 2-hour session of personalized support and strategy for immediate results;
  • EMAIL COACHING ACCESS – feel supported as you integrate and implement what’s right for you;
  • TOOLS & RESOURCES – apply relevant expertise to your circumstance for motivation and momentum;
  • Ask about WALK & TALK and RECORDED CALL options.

Your Investment: $99 CAD

LONGER-TERM COACHING PACKAGES – Nicole offers additional packages starting at $499 CAD. Ask for more details.


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