“Do What I Say NOT What I Do”? 5 tips for living your values as an authentic Wellness Entrepreneur

As a wellness entrepreneur who wants to live and work by your values, I wonder how you’ve been feeling about your own wellness journey lately? Has it felt like you’ve shifted more toward “do what I say NOT what I do“?

I ask because this theme has come up more than once with womxn in my community who want to take better care of their wellness needs. They want to be happier and healthier for their own sake. AND they also want to be good ROLE MODELS for their clients and customers. 

This has come up for me too. Since the pandemic began, my own well-being has ebbed and flowed. I’ve wondered if I’m “walking my talk”. It’s very important to me to personally practice the wellness advice that I share with my clients. I still do, although it looks a little different than it did a year ago. Perhaps you can relate!

Combining both sides of what I SAY and what I DO:

Again, it’s like the adage “do what I say NOT what I do” (aka don’t do!). There’s definitely value in what you SAY. Your words deliver so much support and goodness to others (even when your own actions may be “imperfect” according to your own standards).

I also want to be clear here. You are NOT an imposter if you’re leading with your words, wisdom, guidance, and knowing, rather than leading by doing. What you SAY does matter!

That said, there is also huge value in wanting to inspire others through your ACTIONS.

When wellness is WHAT YOU DO for a living, you KNOW how important it is to take good care of your whole health to feel your best every day.

For YOURSELF and for your BUSINESS. 

For some wellness entrepreneurs, NOT combining the SAYING and DOING to be fully aligned to your values can become a quiet form of self-sabotage. This is especially true if you’ve been feeling hesitant to follow through with your marketing and sales activities because a part of you feels like a fraud.

Let’s face it. It can be difficult sometimes to feel confident in asking potential clients to prioritize and INVEST in their wellness when we’re not doing it ourselves. This nagging feeling of misalignment can become a sneaky block to more success.

So if you’re feeling ready to renew your wellness practices to step more AUTHENTICALLY into yourself and your business as a more aligned leader, here are five tips to help you get started.

5 Do’s of Wellness Action (so you can feel more aligned as a wellness entrepreneur and leader):

  • Do It Inspired – Perhaps you are the kind of person who is moved to take action to avoid negative consequences, such as to stop feeling like a fraud in your business. Sure this could work, but it’s not the most compassionate way to treat yourself. Instead, discover your “WHY” or the positive results that most inspire you to tend to your well-being.
  • Do the Right Things for You – Wellness is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Keep this in mind as you make your plan. Remember your own UNIQUE needs and preferences that will work best for you considering your unique circumstances. Comparing your plan to others, or even to the “perfect” plan in your own mind, will only slow you down. 
  • Do Start Small – If you’re feeling resistance or not ready to go all-in on your health and emotional wellness game, that’s okay. Start with small steps toward your goals or small tweaks to your wellness practices so they work for YOU. This will also lead to small and eventually BIG wins. Starting small helps you keep your momentum and sustain your results.
  • Do Remember It’s a Journey – Remember those ebbs and flows. To everything there is a SEASON. Looking after your wellness is a lifelong adventure. It’s NOT okay to make this harder on yourself through self-judgment or self-criticism. It is okay to be bad at it, to experience setbacks, to take breaks, and to succeed. Finding ways to be more resilient helps you to be a more empathetic leader.
  • Do As You’d Recommend to Your Own Clients – You’re so good at what you do as a wellness professional! Why not extend that same encouraging guidance to yourself? Practice some of your own tried and true actions to take care of your own wellness. It’s like another adage, “be your best client” and it can start here. 

Being a good wellness practitioner to yourself is good for your wellness business!

If you’re ready to shift into “do what I say AND what I do”, which of these 5 Do’s are you most inspired to try today?

Are you realizing that you need more support and accountability to follow through with your wellness goals and step more fully into your authentic leadership role?

I can help you with that!

Let’s simplify your wellness strategy, make it more enjoyable, and fit it into your workday (so it’s customized and sustainable for YOU).

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PROGRESS, NOT perfection! You CAN be the authentic, fully aligned, AND successful wellness leader you aspire to be. It starts with ONE small step. What will it be?