Emotional Wellness Helps You and Your Business Thrive

Do you value your emotions and view emotional wellness as a valuable tool in your wellness and business toolkit? Or do you set your feelings aside and see them more as an inconvenient distraction?

Emotional wellness impacts everything in our lives – including our health and business. So much so that it’s why I help womxn entrepreneurs leverage this essential component of health. Upgrading your emotional health improves your wellness as a whole, which in turn upgrades your business.

When YOU are the greatest asset of your business, your health and wellness are essential to your business’ success. Furthermore, if you want to be an authentic leader in your wellness business, you want to ‘walk your wellness talk’ by being the healthiest version of you. And along your own emotional wellness journey, you may even discover valuable insights that you can share with your own clients.

“What is Emotional Wellness?”, you may be wondering.

Emotional wellness is the experience of feeling ALL of your emotions. It’s about making the space to notice your feelings in the first place (which is why I recommend outdoor time to be fully present to your inner self). It’s about understanding why specific feelings are showing up and what “messages” they are trying to communicate with you. With this information, you can effectively manage the inevitable ups and downs of life. 

Another way to describe it is “the ability to successfully handle life’s stresses and adapt to change and difficult times”, according to the National Institute of Health. Contrary to society’s emphasis on only focusing on the “positive”, emotional wellness makes room for accepting and handling the “negative” too.

I view emotional health as one of the four essential pillars of whole wellness. It’s interrelated with the others – physical health, mental health and spiritual health. And often it’s the missing piece of wellness that makes all the difference. 

For example, if you currently struggle to prioritize your own wellness needs, I imagine you already know what to do “outwardly” to benefit your health. You may know the next action steps to take to get closer to your goal, like moving your body more or setting boundaries in relationships.

So why are you struggling to follow through? Most likely you are stuck because of an emotional issue, that is deeper than the practical issue (like better time management or organizational skills) that you may have initially suspected.

Knowing what to do is different than doing what you need to do.

Even though you may know the right next steps to take, it doesn’t mean you’re taking them. Sometimes you just need a few practical tips to take the action and get moving. But if you remain stuck and unable to move forward, something within you may be holding you back. 

This is where emotional wellness comes in. By working through your “inward” stuff, like feelings, triggers and beliefs, you are suddenly free to take action!

Not only is emotional wellness essential for YOU, it may also be the missing piece of your business wellness. 

Emotional well-being impacts your business in the same way. When you’re stuck in some area of your business, dealing with your inner feelings is often what will solve the problem. 

For instance, let’s say you struggle with finding the time to work “on” your business as the visionary C.E.O. because you are so busy working “in” it as the diligent service provider. You might benefit from turning to your emotions for support. You can notice what you are experiencing in daily life, express your emotional needs in a physical way and work through your related mindset issues. From here, you’ll discover new, more aligned responses to take action on – for better balance between self and client time.

If you want different outcomes in your business, start with taking a different inner approach.

Where have you been feeling stuck lately, despite knowing what to do next? Perhaps attention to your emotions around this issue is just the answer you need!

If you’re feeling stuck in your wellness or business goals, and are not sure if it’s an emotional block that’s holding you back, I’d love to help you figure it out. Simply book your free 20-minute Discovery Session with me so we can identify what’s really holding you back and discover the right next step for you to take.

You are NOT at the mercy of your emotions. You CAN follow your feelings to the fun, flow and fulfillment you desire. Follow your heart, it knows the way.