Happy Winter Solstice

Happy Solstice!

Wherever you are in the world, whether you’re celebrating Summer or Winter Solstice, I wish you the very best of the season!

I am in the midst of my Winter Solstice celebrations. Today is the shortest, darkest day of the year and I would love to share my favourite ways to honour this special day.

Nature Practice ~ Celebrate Winter Solstice!

I didn’t grow up formally celebrating Midwinter, but in recent years I’ve discovered how much I enjoy actively acknowledging this day. As a personal development professional, I love the deep introspection as the year comes to a close. As a nature lover, I feel it’s the most important day to get out there and connect with life. As an engaged person, I appreciate the pause from hyper-connection and commercialism. As someone who doesn’t formally practice religion, this is a soothing spiritual celebration.

Here are my favourite elements to include in my Winter Solstice celebrations:
• Nature – Connect with nature for as much time as you can (no matter how cold or dark) – it’s a rite of passage.
• Community – Spend quality time with loved ones or community to lighten your heart and open you to the wider purpose of life.
• Solitude – Equally important is to spend quality time on your own to simply be with your mind, body and soul – self-love at its finest.
• Introspection – Acknowledge your experience of the past year and dream about the year to come. Go deep into the dark and the light of your being – feel it, reflect on it and release it.
• Light – Enjoy the symbolism and simple moments of light. Watch the sunrise and sunset, light a candle or fire, fan your own flame or share your light with another.

Last night I enjoyed a Solstice potluck and ski at my nordic ski centre with family and friends. Today is reserved for home and solitary Solstice adventures. Think of me among the snow covered pines and poplars, under the sunshine or maybe starlight, on my path to endless possibilities for the season and year and lifetime to come. I will be thinking of you!

I hope you enjoy a beautiful Solstice and holiday season. I also celebrate Christmas, so would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Your Outdoors,