3 Tips for a Seasonal Self Care Practice That Will Stick

Having a self care practice, like a “morning routine” or a “business day wellness break”, seems like such a fun idea. It bundles up our wellness needs and wants into a nice little package, ready to unwrap as we desire. 

So why do we have such a hard time sticking with a self care practice?

There can be many reasons why we don’t follow through with our best wellness intentions. Not having an effective practice or routine ready to go is one of them. So today I’m sharing my top tips on designing your own self care practice that you’ll go to and stick to. Let’s make it the right one for you so that you’ll want to schedule it in and stick to it!

I’ve had the greatest success with self care practices that are compelling, connected and contained. And as with most things, I believe that nature and natural metaphors amplify our results. Thus mine tend to be influenced by the seasons too. But before we get into those details. . . 

What is a self care practice?

I like to think of it as a group of a wellness activities, addressing a specific purpose, and repeated for cumulative benefit. 

I also like Bari Tessler’s definition, which I first came across in her book The Art of Money.

“We can take any area or habit in our lives, fill it up with intentionality, awareness and compassionate discipline, and reap deep rewards. . . When we take time to love and replenish ourselves, we reconnect with our true nature and return to the world more capable of sharing our gifts.” 



So as you set out to design – or refresh – your own powerful self care routine, here are 3 tips to consider.

#1 – Is it COMPELLING?

If the thought of your practice lights you up or makes you feel good inside, then you’re on the right track! You also want it to address your current needs, so that you’ll be extra motivated to make it happen. This is all especially important if you want to keep up with your self care practice long-term.

A seasonal self care practice is extra compelling because it takes into account your relationship with the actual season. This means what’s going on outside your window. And that allows you to use the energies and activities of the season for your wellness advantage.

#2 – Is it CONNECTED?

Bubble baths and manicures are nice and all . . . but are they connected to what you really need? Ideally you want your practice to be connected to your unique body, heart, mind and spirit.  You may even want it to connect you to others, nature or the greater universe too.

A seasonal self care practice is extra connected because it takes into account the metaphorical season you’re experiencing. This means the inner emotional and energetic “season of life” you’re in. Knowing that helps you truly customize your routine.

#3 – Is it CONTAINED?

The beauty of having your routine “packaged” into a nice little plan is that it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice. No excuses. By being clear on your on your why, what, how, when, where and with whom, you’re ready to just do it

A seasonal self care practice offers a proven container. This means you can design multiple routines for yourself that model “autumn”, “winter”, “spring” and “summer” energies. So your “workout” routine might have “spring” inspiration, or your “business day wind down” process might match “autumn” activities. If it works for mother nature, it works for us as we are nature too. 

So when you think of your favourite self care practice, how can you make it more compelling, connected, contained or influenced by the seasons?

To learn more about how I design a seasonal self care practice, email or message me. I’d be happy to answer your questions or offer a free discovery session that you can book here to walk you through your plan. 

Enjoy your seasonal self care practice and have fun sticking with it too!