5 Whys a Walk in Nature is Good for Business

Want to thrive in business AND in wellness? A walk in nature could be just the simple solution you’re looking for!

I know your big heart has you doing your best to take care of everyone and everything else. You tend to your clients’ needs, your business’ needs, your family’s needs, your household’s needs, your dog’s needs . . . But what does that leave for your needs?

You know how important it is to take good care of yourself and your well-being. You may even be in the business of health and wellness, so you totally get it and you want to lead by example. Yet still it’s a challenge to prioritize taking care of yourself. 

A walk in nature is easy, enjoyable and effective. You CAN take care of you AND your business at the same time.

Simply claim 20 minutes, lace up your shoes, head out for 10 minutes and then head back for 10 more. Success!

And yes, that may be the easy part. The trickier part can be stepping out the door. Maybe practical issues like limited time or child care keep you from a walk outside. Or perhaps your inner resistance, like low motivation or mood keep you from getting out. 

Whatever challenges, let these powerful benefits inspire you to walk in nature:

  • Increased movement and enhanced physical health
  • A boost in your happiness and sense of calm
  • Improved mood, confidence and coping skills
  • Opportunities for connection to self, others, nature and a higher power
  • Stress reduction and burnout prevention
  • More energy and better sleep
  • And many more . . .

In fact, simply being in nature is so beneficial to your well-being that health professionals now prescribe time outside to clients. Parks Prescriptions is Canada’s first national, evidence-based prescription program that encourages spending at least 2 hours in nature per week, for 20+ minutes at a time to maximize the stress busting effects.

A walk in nature is the “do less” way to “have more” in your business too.  

Your walk may take place as part of your business (for meetings, making decisions, brainstorming copy) or outside of your work day (for self-care, social time or meditation). Here are my top reasons why a walk in nature (W.I.N) is a win for your business! (Look at that, it’s a perfect acronym that I wasn’t even trying for.)

5 Whys a Walk in Nature is Good for Business (and your bottom line!):

  1. There’s nothing like a walk along the beach or in the forest to uncover the truest and wisest version of you. This helps you take authentic and aligned actions in your business – which will generate your greatest business results.
  1. Moving your body is a terrific way to create or ground your physical energy. From this more energized or rooted place, your body is best equipped to support you and your clients. 
  1. Business is like an emotional roller coaster at times, so what better place to feel your feelings than out on the open road. This one is huge for me as you’ll read more here. Experiencing ALL your feelings regularly on a walk will help you maintain a steady emotional path toward your business goals. 
  1. “Go for a walk – think new thoughts”, as they say. Take your business mindset practices for a stroll, or take space away from overthinking about work while you’re walking. This results in the most brilliant insights and ideas.
  1. Connection to nature and the awe inspiring universe is an easy way to channel divine guidance. Step out, tune in and receive wisdom for yourself and your work. Nothing is more wondrous than that!

And this is just the start of the list. Whatever the weather, a walk in nature will enhance your creativity and focus; help you learn new things; improve your performance and time management; and enable you to enjoy the journey and have some fun along the way!

After all, isn’t the whole point to enjoy this beautiful life that you’re working so hard to create for yourself? 

Now let’s keep the momentum going. To learn more about how to leverage your time outside for your advantage, you’ll want to download a copy of my free “Simple Seasonal Self-Care” Guide. Learn how to use the changing seasons to support your dynamic wellness needs.

Self-care – especially outdoors – is crucial for entrepreneurs. What would your business be without you at your best?